U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley continues to embarrass his office and our state.

Besides raising his fist in a sign of solidarity with a mob that broke into the Capitol, that urinated on the Capitol's floor, defecated in its halls, and did violence and murder, he has shown his self-entitlement during the ongoing Senate trial.

While the prosecution presented its case and described the bravery of the Capitol police, he sat leaning back in a chair in the upper part of the chamber reading papers with his feet up on the seat of an adjacent chair. His public behavior showed a lack of respect for the Capitol police during the presentation of a video showing Capitol police risking their lives.

Although he has taken an erroneous position that the trial is unconstitutional, he could at least show his respect for his office by being an open-minded juror as the oath he took requires.

But it is obvious taking an oath is secondary to his own perceived self-importance. Apparently, his expensive Yale education lacked a course in humility.

Ralph Williams


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