Help children June 2 and support Joplin bond issue

June 2 will present voters in the Joplin School District an opportunity to help kids.

Currently, some children in the district are attending school in the oldest two buildings in the district, which were built not long after the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Much has changed since then, yet some of our children are still attending in those old buildings, one of which has increasing structural issues.

On June 2, we can prepare for the future and provide our children with a better option than 90-year-old buildings. We can do this without a tax increase by extending the current bonds (which expire in 2033) to 2040. Failure to pass this would not lower taxes until 2033, but a "Yes" vote will be a vote to help these children receive what most other children in the district already have. It is an equitable solution for all children and will save taxpayer dollars from running old, inefficient and expensive buildings to newer, more efficient and cost-effective buildings.

As a resident of Duquesne, I witnessed firsthand the phasing out of the 80-year-old Duquesne Elementary into the much better Soaring Heights Elementary, where my son attended. I remember the day — January 2014 — that students entered Soaring Heights for the first time, having attended the old Duquesne school previously. What a difference, and oh the smiles and excitement of not only the students but the teachers and parents as well.

What was provided in 2014 to Duquesne and Duenweg students can now be provided to West Central and Columbia students, a gift that will last for years without increasing taxes.

Please help our kids by voting "Yes" June 2.

David Weaver


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