Like many Democrats, I’ve been counting the days until Joe Biden’s inauguration as president and President Donald Trump’s removal from office, even by force if that became necessary. But the events of Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol have convinced me that we can’t afford two more weeks of this madman president.

It’s tragic enough that Trump has been missing in action in the fight against the coronavirus, but to incite rioters in his desperate attempt to steal our elections is intolerable. I can’t place all the responsibility on Trump; after all, he is not an adult and is not thinking rationally. Shouldn’t our Sen. Josh Hawley and the other 12 senators who objected to the electoral votes being certified also shoulder some blame for this?

Their opportunistic maneuver showed a lack of respect for our democracy and our Constitution. They gave Trump permission to incite these rallygoers to storm our Capitol. Hawley’s lie about “antifa scumbags” at his residence also helped inflame this toxic political environment. Hawley owes an apology to Missourians and all Americans for placing his political ambitions above the good of the country.

It’s time for the vice president and cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office before he does more damage.

Gerard Attoun


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