This is in response to the guest column (Globe, July 12) by Jean Griffith.

I must agree with Griffith regarding taking a knee during our national anthem not being complicated. It is an anathema to all Americans who love our liberties and freedoms and respect and honor those who died to protect them.

Reason No. 1: More than 407,000 died 1941-1945 in World War II, and 360,000 Union soldiers died during the Civil War.

Griffith wrote, “Those who question your patriotism have not read this column or are misguided or ignorant of why you kneel.”

Surely, approximately two minutes to stand for our anthem is reasonable compared to hours of your message shown in the streets and in the news.

Regarding your advice to all high school coaches to lead their teams to kneel during the anthem, I would suggest that every coach who does this despicable act should be fired on the spot.

Truly, it isn’t complicated.

Ben Moore