Use tax should be priority

I would rather see a new Dillard’s store than a Menards.

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Meeks, Hermann Lumber, Pearl Brothers and Ace Hardware have the inventory choices I’m looking for already. If Menards does come, then come on its own dime and site purchase.

As a resident, I don’t want to pay for those development costs. It should be an open-market decision.

Concerning Prop B, I wish the city of Joplin and the citizen support group had made the same effort to pass the use tax as they have promotion of the sales tax. I feel that a use tax should be passed now — in November — and then Prop B on the April ballot.

The use tax is being collected by the state; Joplin just doesn’t have the distribution of the tax revenue because the residents haven’t voted in favor of its passing. The use tax vote will have to come up again unless Joplin thinks the state legislation will change its distribution practice. As you will see this holiday season, more and more purchases will be made online than from existing storefront retailers.

Concerning Prop B passing, the pension board needs to add two more citizen seats. Currently it’s weighted with four seats held by firefighters and police officers, with two citizen seats and the mayor of Joplin. Also, we need tax oversight because it’s a large sum of tax dollars collected over 12 years or less, plus residents are being asked to fund the need to a 120% level.

It’s a special tax so let the oversight sales tax committee have it along with the public safety tax distribution.

Morris Glaze


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