Crossing that line you should not cross

On Thursday, while eating supper, we had the "CBS Evening News" running in the other room. We heard a report that Donald Trump Jr. had called for his dad to "go to total war over this election."

Now, I realize that the report had more context, and I also am able to consider the source as just more noise.

What I cannot accept is the effect these words had on of my 14-year-old grandson. It wasn't loud, it wasn't disrespectful or belligerent; he was absolutely quiet, and the expression on his face was one of dread and fear.

This was the line you do not cross.

James Graham

Pittsburg, Kan.


Take a deep breath, give Biden a chance

Can we be thankful that we have elected a president who is kind, decent, respectful, compassionate, steady and deeply experienced and qualified to lead this country?

You will not agree with everything he proposes; I don’t agree with everything he proposes. But I do believe that he will be focused on and serious about what needs to be done to heal this country. He will appoint competent and knowledgeable professional people who know how government works and how to sustain its valued institutions. (We will not descend into a black hole of socialism as some of my friends fear.)

So take a deep breath and give Joe Biden a chance.

And welcome the new day that has brought a woman into the highest level of governance. What an inspiration Kamala Harris will be.

Gwen Hunt

Webb City


Susan Estrich column misfires on key points

Susan Estrich, I did so enjoy your epistle in the Globe (Nov. 6). I always hope to learn something from others offering their opinions on various subjects.

I thank you for telling us Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said the president would "flip the results" in order to destroy the courts.

I thank you for telling us the president rushed through the appointment of the latest judge to the high court so he, the president, could have five votes on the court.

I thank you for telling us that John Roberts disappointed conservatives by putting the legitimacy of the court ahead of President Donald Trump's agenda. Allow me to tell the readers that you forgot to tell us that Roberts thinks a penalty is a tax and that is why the Affordable Care Act is constitutional, and that is why you think Roberts disappointed conservatives.

I really didn't know Joe Biden voters are more concerned about COVID-19 than Trump voters and would use an alternative to in-person voting to vote. You forgot to mention that COVID-19 doesn't keep them from rioting, stealing and destroying businesses. Glad to help you with that.

I didn't know Trump never really expected the people to reelect him. Thank you for that.

Thank you for reminding us of the liberals' position on the 2000 election in Florida and how they were so disappointed over the court's decision.

You are correct when you say Roberts will side with the liberals. He is not the conservative we conservatives thought he was during confirmation, and he certainly showed his true political calling in the ACA case and will in all other cases involving liberal vs. conservative causes.

Thank you for telling us it is OK for the liberals to have five votes if Ginsburg were alive but not OK for the conservatives to have five votes because she is dead.

I must correct you when you say the rule of law depends on respect. The rule of law is to read the law as written and enforce the written law. When you liberals don't like that, you like to make law from the bench. When the bench rules against you, as it did in Florida, you whine; when it rules with you, as it did in Roe vs. Wade, you scream with delight.

David Turner



Missouri residents rock

My wife and I had just spent seven long 10-hour days getting my son's house ready for his family's move to Montana. After six years in the U.S. Army, he was ready to get back home and back to civilian life. I know no one from Missouri, nor have I been there, but on Nov. 1 on our 500-mile drive back home, I was going through McDonald's in Havre, Montana, at about 12:30 p.m., and drove up to pay my bill when the attendant told me the car in front of me already paid my bill. It was a green SUV with a Missouri license plate. Missouri residents rock.

Larry Jensen

Plentywood, Mont.


Kudos to American voters last week

Kudos, kudos, kudos to informed American voters, who either by mail or a trip to the polls have successfully rid us of four years of chaos, lies and division.

I am proud to know that when the stakes are so high we united as a country and voted us forward to peace, decency and new leadership. Joe Biden will reach across the aisle to make sure that we work in concert with both parties and will be willing to negotiate when the need arises.

We will now be able to build trust and new and stronger relationships with our allies and others, who have responded to this election by welcoming us back and are anxious to build bridges rather than walls, which has been the policy of the former administration.

Let's forgive the division and hate and work toward the America that has Democracy as its first goal. And for right now, lets enjoy the peace.

Judy Tesch



Press favored Biden, won election for him

On Sunday’s front page (Globe, Nov. 8) there is a photo of a journalism student crying as she watches Joe Biden speak on the monitor in Times Square, declaring himself president. The caption quotes her saying, “I think this is so beautiful because I’m a member of the press, and I can’t believe we won. It means so much to me as an aspiring journalist.”

What does she mean “we won” after saying she was a member of the press?

In my mind and the minds of millions of others, it means what we have said long before Trump — the press has an agenda. News doesn’t get published; the press’ agenda is what gets published. Journalism in America no longer exists. Even in our local papers, the agenda of the liberal press is what we often read.

For four years, the press was often silent as to the continued positive economic news, foreign trade deals or historic peace treaties in the Middle East. What we did hear about was Russia and impeachment, which eventually amounted to so little that it was never discussed during the campaigns or debates.

During this campaign, the press allowed Joe Biden to stay in his basement, providing the most limited access to a presidential candidate. The press failed to demand answers to the investigation involving his son, Hunter Biden, and any involvement by Joe Biden, a presidential candidate. To that, the press failed to do any journalistic investigation of its own. There is nothing in today’s stories about the U.S. Supreme Court ordering votes be segregated in Pennsylvania for those received after election day. There is nothing about the news of some evidence of voter fraud from counties in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada, and there is nothing in these articles that informs us that Trump got almost 4 million more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, which was the highest vote count received by a nominee until this election.

Absent a miracle in recounts and/or substantial proof of multiple instances of fraud, then Biden will be the next president of the United States. But this young lady’s statement is the truth. The press won this election for Biden, and for that the press has lost any credibility with half of America.

What a pity.

Derek Snyder



Americans want political cooperation

Just like 74 million Americans, I am elated that Joe Biden will be our next president, but I understand the disappointment of the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump. I, too, was disappointed four years ago.

Joe Biden in his first speech as president elect said he had a “mandate to cooperate.” Americans once again voted for divided government. They want an end to Trump’s name calling and divisiveness, but they don’t want the Green New Deal and "Medicare for All."

I get it, and I think Biden gets it also. Americans want compromise and cooperation. They don’t want to wade into the weeds and argue about everything. They want their representatives to do that hard work, and they want them to work together.

Whether you voted for Biden or Trump, I hope you can give the future a chance and urge our representatives on both sides of the aisle to work together. Let’s move this country forward, listening and respecting each other. We are all Americans. A nation divided cannot stand. We must stand together.

Mary Gaarder



National news media corruption exposed

There it is, right on the front page of the Globe (Sunday, Nov. 8), a photo of Fletcher Peters of New York, a student at a New York University, quoted as saying of Biden's election, "I think it's so beautiful because I'm a member of the press, and I can't believe we won."

Then recall how often the talking heads on the national news stations, all out of New York, claimed they were unbiased and were reporting fairly. Of course, they clearly were not — proving the lie by their behavior when they announced the winner. They turned their cameras on the streets of New York claiming, and perhaps even believing, that as New York goes, so goes the nation. There was no pretense whatsoever that they were "unbiased" — they were jubilant that they had successfully used their national platform to promote their candidate.

Our young people are being politically influenced in our universities, and our national news media are corrupt. Beware, consider the source of what you hear and read. I will abide by the outcome, but I have no faith that the win was legitimate. How many votes were based on what came out of the mouths of those proven to have let their political leanings corrupt their journalistic responsibility to honor and report truth? They have severely damaged this country by destroying that trust and, in turn, causing questions as to their motives and those of their choice.

Dianne Slater


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