Democrats display bad public behavior

Sad, isn't it?

Kindergarten was in session (Feb. 4), and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was well into her second childhood. U.S. Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler frowned and pouted through the whole evening while Pelosi joined them in giving a lesson to small children everywhere on how to behave badly in public.

I don't like President Donald Trump personally, but I do like what he has done for the country — certainly more than the Democrats have done with their pathetic snit over losing the last election. That's what the past three-plus years have been all about and what it will continue to be about for what will be the next very long eight months.

I don't see them doing anything but continuing to dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. One wonders what kind of tantrum they will throw next and what reincarnation they will decide to be their "leader."

So far, they haven't offered up anyone who isn't likely to take us back down the rabbit hole.

Dianne Slater



Put Dems in charge? Not after Iowa debacle

The socialists/Democrats want us to put them in charge of our country. After the Iowa Caucus debacle? They are a long way from making their case.

I guess we “deplorables” who shop at Walmart, cling to our guns, study our Bibles and keep in touch with the one who’s really in charge will have to do something else.

Verlin Snider



Don't compromise founding principles

Politics is a contact sport. It was never intended to be a scrap meet where one person trades something to another person for something.

Compromise is a disguise that will tear your political beliefs from you and rob you of your rights.

In September 1938, Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to talk to Adolf Hitler about the fate of Europe. He and the French and the Italians gave Hitler Czecholovakia in order to prevent a war. He returned to England and said, "Peace for our time."

On Sept. 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, and World War II began.

There is much written about the terribleness of our failure to do bipartisan things with our political foes. I see nothing terrible about our current method of dealing with our political and economic foes.

Socialist candidates in the party of Democrats have nothing in common with the capitalists in the Republican Party. The socialist will try to buy the votes of the young with promises of free education and buy the votes of the elderly with free health care. The next president will not have the authority to pass a law that gives the young what they want or the old what they want. Congress has that authority. That doesn't hinder the socialist from lying to the voter. The socialist wants the votes of the illegal immigrants, so they support open borders and refuse to enforce America's laws on immigration.

There are things in America that deserve a good fight, such as making sure only citizens vote by requiring identification to prove citizenship, keeping what you earn rather than the government giving a portion of your earnings to those who don't work, rejecting the idea that we are all equal and we all should be equal while embracing the idea that all Americans are entitled to an equal opportunity to succeed or fail; requiring our government to prove man is causing the climate to change rather than taking the word of scientists who have been caught lying about the climate with their numbers; and embracing the successes of many rather than despising the man or woman who succeeds and is wealthy.

America is supposed to be a land of opportunity, not a land where people's lives are controlled by their government.

It was no accident that the Founding Fathers saw the need for the citizen to have a weapon to protect himself and his family from his government. Yet there are those who seek political office and want to disarm you and me.

Let the partisan contests continue. Stand up for what you believe. Never think about losing your rights when your political and economic foe wants to make a deal. What they want is to ruin our nation with their socialist ideals that have failed in every nation that has tried them.

David Turner


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