Wear a mask, please

I am writing this letter out of fear, anger and frustration.

What is wrong with so many people refusing to wear a simple mask? I know they are a pain, but they save lives.

To me, these people are showing they couldn't care less for their family, friends, neighbors and others they may come into contact with — no empathy or caring at all.

Constitutional rights? Nonsense. I don't think our Founding Fathers had a pandemic in mind when they wrote our wonderful Constitution.

I am 74 years old and a diabetic, plus I smoked most of my life. My big mistake. That's on me.

But if I catch COVID-19, more than likely I'm a goner.

People, we can beat this only if we pull together. I beg you to reconsider and join the team. Please.

Joseph Oren Hensley



Claim that media helped Biden without merit

Two of the commentators on your editorial page (Nov. 10) complained about the press and national news media favoring Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

There is no requirement that the press be unbiased. If so, Fox News would be out of business. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press. That means that the press is free to publish unpopular views and to express bias. The public must consider the source and credibility of any published information.

That being said, the claim that the press unfairly helped Biden is without merit. The positive economic news, foreign trade deals and historic peace treaties were all publicized.

The unfavorable publicity came from Trump himself. He took credit for every positive thing that occurred during his administration and refused to accept responsibility for any negative thing. He applauded dictators as strong leaders and criticized allies. He dismissed experienced advisers and replaced them with yes men. He may or may not have disparaged our servicemen and women, but he clearly considered himself to be a greater military leader than most of our generals. He may not have been a racist, but he accepted support from those who were.

He insulted everyone who failed to support him 100%. In the end, the majority of the American people decided that the negatives outweighed the positives of the Trump administration.

Jim Fleischaker



Mark Esper firing makes us vulnerable to attack

The firing of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Nov. 9 is a serious matter. This could weaken us as a country in ways that can’t be understood.

Has a lame-duck president ever done such a thing?

I am not affiliated with either political party, but as a U.S. Marine, all I can think is that you don’t do anything that might weaken the military of our country. It doesn’t take much to possibly slow down our response time. This isn’t a time to be firing an important head of a department who oversees coordination of our immediate response to national threats.

The opening this gives to opposing nations with evil thoughts is not acceptable.

If actions like this continue, the person of questionable ethics may need to be removed sooner than the set timeline. We can’t afford to allow our country to be laid open to the possible attack of foreign nations with ill intent toward us looking for an opening. If this continues, it will be the perfect opening for them to catch us at a very weak time.

Our defensive strength as a country needs to be held in higher regard than illustrated by the petty firing of someone who didn’t do someone else’s bidding.

If this keeps up, a historical removal of a lame-duck president may be in order.

I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we can’t afford two months of complete national weakness that might give our enemies an opening to push for as much as they can get during that time. No one person is worth more than the entirety of our country.

Tommy Chew

Carl Junction


Columnist doesn't offer any evidence

Often, people make statements without one shred of evidence, and the latest in my recollection is Susan Estrich (Globe, Nov. 12).

This time, she announces, "No president has sustained a more concerted assault on the judiciary in this country" as she talks about the federal judiciary not saving Trump. Evidence? It didn't save Al Gore either.

She assailed Trump about his appointment to the high court, and now she says the Supreme Court is smarter, but I ask, smarter than when?

She believes President Barack Obama was the most talented person she has seen run for political office. She says that made his liberalism more acceptable. This is, of course, another statement with zero evidence. Obama's talent made no appearance as a senator, and his only accomplishment as a president was to get Congress to pass a socialist health care bill.

Then there is that guy who "walked the walk and just didn't talk the talk" and "it" worked for a while. What is "it" that worked for a while for Bill Clinton?

If only people would offer evidence when they make statements and ask papers to publish them. Next thing you know, Joe Biden will be known as a great senator and a great vice president.

David Turner



Roman warning reminds reader of Nancy Pelosi

The following was written by a Roman senator and historian, Publius Cornelius Tacitus, and it offers a revelation concerning the 2020 impeachment proceedings by Democrats: "The lust for power, for dominating others, inflames the heart more than any other passion."

This reminds me of Nancy Pelosi.

Jean Harrison

Webb City


Support Biden the way leftists supported Trump

To my leftist friends who are asking me to extend my support toward Joe Biden, I will make this offer: I will support him with the same fervor that you supported President Donald Trump.

Virginia Stark



Reevaluate your recycling habits

Today is America Recycles Day. It provides a great opportunity to reevaluate your family's recycling habits.

Every day, recyclable items are turned into a host of new products, including shoes, clothing, and new bottles or cans, giving single-use items multiple lives while keeping discarded items out of landfills. Recycled plastics can even be turned into carpeting and furniture. Plastic items with a triangle symbol labeled No. 1 or No. 2 (often stamped in the plastic itself surrounded by the recycling arrows) are the most easily recycled and in most demand for making new products. Plastic bottles for water and soda drinks are examples of 100% recyclables, as are many other “single-use” containers.

Today, we should celebrate the strides we've made but look to do better.

Today, the U.S. recycling rate is 34.5%. We can easily get the rate to 75%. With that standard, we will improve the environment as if we removed 50 million cars from our roads.

James Bowers

Managing Director

The Campaign for Recycling Awareness

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