Low-wage workers subsidize benefits

Surprise, Joplin taxpayers. The Joplin City Council passed a new sales tax and — surprise — they just found out they will have to raise the sewer rate 5%. They didn't have any idea two weeks ago they needed this raise.

Minimum-wage workers making half the starting pay of policeman and fireman will pay new sales taxes on the food and clothing they need for their families. The minimum-wage workers have almost no benefits but must make sure their public servants have great benefits.

Don Adams



Take time to thank people in your lives

As we near the holiday season and Thanksgiving in particular, an idea came to mind that was brought up in church several years ago. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, our pastor passed out some paper and asked the congregation if they would like to participate in an exercise. He suggested that we think of someone who has played an important part in our lives and write a short letter of thanks to each individual.

At first, I dismissed the idea, but after thinking it over, I realized that there were a lot of people who influenced my life. I wrote handwritten notes to my parents, siblings, children, relatives and friends. I received several acknowledgments, and many thanked me for remembering them and thinking of them. This small act of kindness made them feel good but also made me feel good for taking time out to do this. We all have busy schedules, but this is a small thing that could make a world of difference.

In the present world of email, Twitter and other social media, this could also be used, but personally, I felt that a handwritten letter would mean more.

I hope this helps someone. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken Comer



Support local stores by shopping in person

I have shopped at Sears (in person) many times at the mall. Every time I am in the store, there were very people in the store. Where was everyone? Shopping online. This is the reason Sears is closing.

Don't let this happen to J.C. Penney. We need to support our stores in person, not online.

If you don't want J.C. Penney's doors closing too, then please get out and shop at the store.

Arlene Richmond



VFW thankful for support during recent poppy drive

Members of the South Town-Joplin VFW Post 5293 would like to extend a sincere "thank you" to Four-State communities for your overwhelming generosity in supporting our 2019 Fall Buddy Poppy drive during November 2019. We would also like to thank the people of the Seventh Street and 15th Street Walmart stores for allowing distributing poppies at their location again.

This Buddy Poppy drive's financial success would not have been possible without your kind and generous donations. With fewer aging veterans able to participate and fewer establishments allowing us the opportunity to offer poppies on their premises, our local veterans and their families appreciate these donations so much.

For more information on various VFW programs and to learn how you can get involved with the VFW, visit Post 5293 during our monthly Post meeting or go to www.vfw.org.

We thank you for your support this weekend. Wear your poppy proudly and please remember our veterans who are in harm's way. Remember to support our 2020 Spring Buddy Poppy drive in May.

Fred Pugh

VFW Post 5293 Commander

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