Taxpayers getting soaked by paying attorney fees

A Webb City school teacher has been charged with statutory sodomy. He has been a teacher for more than five years in Webb City, yet he has asked for taxpayers to pay for his defense attorney. This man surely doesn't qualify to have the taxpayers foot his attorney bill, and if he does, we need to change how we taxpayers get soaked paying attorney fees.

Don Adams



Elect a City Council that will help Joplin

Thank goodness we have an election coming up soon, and hopefully, we can put in place a Joplin City Council that can make decisions.

Candidates for the Joplin city manager gave up while the council dithers around and has to start all over again, not to mention that they constantly give away the farm β€” the only thing this particular council excels at, Casey's being the latest.

They continue to bring in companies at our expense when the city does not have adequate housing or home maintenance codes for what it does have, nor do we have adequate retail β€” especially a full-service grocery store. We remain at the mercy of Walmart.

It is especially bad at the Seventh Street store. They cut back on cashiers to force you to use their self-serve checkouts so they can have fewer employees; shelves are often skimpily stocked or empty. I was recently at the Seventh Street store at 1 p.m. on a Friday, and there was not a single carton of their own brand of milk on the shelves.

Have you also noticed that the plastic bags have gotten thinner and thinner, so much so that you can barely get to your car before they break? Have you also noticed the blue fiber bags now hanging interspersed with the plastic ones? Guess what? Eventually, there will be no more plastic bags β€” you either bring your own or pay Walmart 50 cents each for the fiber bags. Sam Walton is probably spinning in his grave over his heirs abandoning his creation, reversing his idea to save people money to taking as much from them as they can.

Hopefully, we will elect a new council that will have a clear intelligent vision of what we desperately need in Joplin. We would be far better served by giving tax breaks to a full-service grocery store and new and varied retail. Retail is failing in Joplin because it is the "same old, same old."

True, people do a lot of shopping online, but much of that is because we have so little variety and none of the big discounters such as Burlington, Home Goods, etc. Had we those kinds of retail offerings, Joplin would be a destination city. We need to be giving those tax breaks to companies that actually benefit the residents of Joplin, not those that benefit by taking from us.

I hope all residents of Joplin will pay attention and get out and vote come April. Let's elect a council with foresight and with our best interests in mind rather than those of big manufacturing.

Dianne Slater



Tougher criminal penalties needed

We hear a lot about gun violence from the left.

I have owned many firearms over the past 60 years. Not one of those firearms has committed a violent act. An article in the Globe (Nov. 24) caught my attention. Although there is more to the story than was reported, it seems to me that when a person attempts a home invasion and discharges a firearm in the act, punishment should be more than probation.

I do not know any of the people involved and have always had the highest regard for the judge involved. But I get a little tired of those screaming to take firearms away from responsible gun owners when those who use them in criminal activities get probation.

Bill Talley


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