We must try tougher background checks

Carrying an assault rifle into a retail store is like crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

They say more background checks would not help, but why can’t they just try it?

Wilma Gould



Keep shining light on cemetery issues

The “By the Numbers” report (Globe, Aug. 30) by Debby Woodin was the most enlightening information I have read concerning the city departments, especially “Parkway Cemetery facts.”

Parkway Cemetery has always been my passion. I am a photographer/historian, so I took pictures of how much was being done in Osborne Cemetery across the street and how Parkway was overlooked. Until the late Joplin City Councilman Guy Palmieri went to the cemetery and saw the condition, we could not get cooperation from anyone. Everything else was a priority.

When Palmieri saw the cemetery, he went straight to the city manager and told him the cemetery was a monstrosity and to get busy doing something about it. He was constantly in touch, demanding improvements.

That was the beginning of change for Parkway Cemetery. 

During this time, I took pictures of the damaged headstones that were run over by the riding mowers. I reported it and was told their jobs were in jeopardy, but little was done but talk. I sent those pictures years ago to city officials, which were also in a photo book of the unacceptable conditions at Parkway.

According to the report by Woodin, finally in 2018 they are repaired. Inquiries were made to the cemetery office about the rock wall. The rocks were supposed to be in storage to repair the walls, but we could see the rocks circling the flower beds and trees.

There has always been a need for a decent road; because of the slant in the land, mud washes down from the west side onto the headstones. If there was curb and guttering (like at Osborne Cemetery), this would eliminate the problem. 

I give Dickie Gray (city cemetery superintendent) credit for listening and then taking care of the complaint as recently as a few months ago concerning a hole by a grave. It was filled the next day.

I have two young relatives — new residents of the city — who check the cemetery from time to time because the majority of our family is buried there. 

Thanks to the workers who are doing a good job!

Woodin is to be commended for bringing out so many things in her article. Keep us informed — this is the only way we will know about the different departments and what’s being done in our city. Thank you, Debby.

Betty J. Smith



Columnist ignores the liars on the left

A column by Sherry Buchanan in the Globe (Sept. 15) caught my attention because her article only included President Donald Trump and Nazis when it comes to lying. It is as if they are the only political group or individuals who lie, considering her article contains no others.

We are bombarded daily on television and in newspapers by socialists who are promising the youths, the elderly, the workers and the lazy a utopia they never imagined.

Youths will get free education from the cradle through college.

The elderly will get an increase in their monthly Social Security checks.

The workers will get higher wages.

The lazy will continue to get the current welfare system, and all will get free health care.

They are all lies, and we should be saying, “We will not put up with any more lies.”

The media is silent when it comes to these liars, and silence gives consent.

If these liars Buchanan overlooked “can make us believe such absurdities and make us commit atrocities,” then I fear for our nation.

I don’t like liars and avoid them as much as possible. In the upcoming election, we will have a choice. We can choose the one Buchanan described as a liar or we can choose the one I described as a liar.

I will take the one currently in office.

I fear what the other will do to our rights, liberties, lives and our country.

David Turner



Rotary Sculpture Garden testifies to Joplin’s spirit

When it comes to doing public good, I am always inspired by the residents of Joplin.

Just look at the new Rotary Sculpture Garden at Joplin’s Mercy Park. It is a testament to the fact that we live in a community where so many people ask not what our city can do for them but what they can do for our community. Public art is a reminder of this creed.

Government and other local institutions such as The Joplin Globe play important roles in our quality of life. But the secret sauce that makes our community truly great is our own personal commitment to being good neighbors, stewards and citizens. Be inspired, be impressed and pass the good turn forward.

William Mountz

Webb City

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