Geoff Caldwell offers conservative insight

We have enjoyed reading Geoff Caldwell’s opinion columns in The Joplin Globe.

He has conservative insight that certainly deserves publication.

Frank Gray

Miami, Okla.


Why did Globe run AP investigation?

The Globe (April 6) elected to give The Associated Press story about government delays in ordering health care supplies front-page treatment.

A simple statement: I thought we are all in this pandemic together, as one undivided country.

Therefore, a simple question: Given that front-page-worthy gaffes have occurred on both sides of the aisle, why did the Globe decide now was the time to pick a side?

Robert Keith

Carl Junction


Volunteers urged to consider Compassus

Even at the end of life, there can be a lot of living to do. Hospice volunteers help patients and families create meaningful moments and lasting memories. Right here in our community and surrounding area, approximately 60 trained volunteers work with Compassus hospice patients and families, giving selflessly to help people live as fully as possible at the end of life.

In times of crisis, volunteers are even more integral to the health and safety of vulnerable patients. In light of coronavirus social distancing recommendations, Compassus volunteers are lending their time in different ways — shopping for groceries and supplies and delivering meals to the patients and loved ones we serve. And the traditional companionship they provide looks a little different too — volunteers communicate with letters, phone calls and FaceTime calls as patients are able. Though face-to-face interaction is limited, the support of Compassus volunteers is unwavering. Our community is a better, more compassionate place because of their service.

Across the U.S., more than 400,000 hospice volunteers give 19 million hours of service every year. Hospice volunteers are an indispensable part of the care team, bringing companionship to people in the final months and weeks of life, providing respite to families and caregivers and supporting the administrative responsibilities of hospice programs.

April 19-25 is National Volunteer Week, and every single volunteer deserves our appreciation and grateful acknowledgement.

I encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming a hospice volunteer to contact Compassus-Joplin at 417-623-8272 or to visit to learn more. Hospice volunteer opportunities are endless and all hospice volunteers receive free training. Whether volunteering a few hours a month or six hours a week, all efforts are appreciated and needed.

Teresa Severs



$1,200 checks will do little for economy

I must admit that I was amazed at Gene Lyons article on the opinion page (Globe, April 8). Lyons' praise of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer boggles this writer's mind.

Most socialists, hiding as Democrats, find printing and distributing money a solution for all problems. Unfortunately, such actions raise the national debt and degrade the value of the dollar and solve nothing.

The checks for $1,200 will arrive in the person's bank account and the person will wonder which business, with its doors locked, will get the money. As soon as the money is spent, that person will be back to the same point he was before the printing presses churned out billions of dollars.

Time always tells us whether such attempts were successful. We could do as the brilliant Pelosi said and "vote for the bill and then read it," or we could perform such acts that will actually help businesses and individuals.

When the cure for the virus is found, the economic malady will begin to die. Demand will dictate supply and the number of jobs available. It won't turn around in a day, week, month or year. America chose — made a decision — to outsource our jobs to foreign nations. The cries of world trade and all it would do for mankind have turned to woes because America no longer makes the items Americans need in a crisis.

Perhaps Pelosi and Schumer will take credit for saving America from the evils of this White House. Perhaps the American people, in November, will say this White House is superior to the minds of the Pelosi and Schumer.

David Turner


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