More government not America's answer

If you didn't read Robert Reich's article on the opinion page (Globe, June 26), you missed a perfect example of socialism versus individualism. You missed the all-important message all socialists preach to individuals, capitalists and folks who want government out of their lives.

That message is that government can provide all one needs and wants, and there will be no need for policemen, jails or prisons. All will become educated, and all wealth will be redistributed so the marginalized and excluded of today will be a part of the "Great Society" of tomorrow.

He never mentions the real results of his doctrine, such as Russia, Argentina, Cuba and other nations that have tried his folly.

I strongly urge you to read Reich's column and understand what the future holds for Americans if his view of life becomes more of a reality than is today.

His ideals have become the doctrine of those who call themselves Democrats.

David Turner


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