Navy made right call in firing carrier's CO

I am thankful to have just read about the U.S. Navy upholding the firing of the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt from the issue back in April.

Politics have no place in the military; that was learned after World War II. Our enlisted men have to have a strong chain of command to know what to believe in; politics has no place. Our military must not be subverted by any weakness, and we are at our weakest as a country right now.

Two other countries in this world would like nothing more than to see us fall on our faces. I am glad we still have some military leadership that understands that. As a former enlisted U.S. Marine, I understand how life can go from boring to intense in the flip of a switch. Don’t forget about America’s frontline solders, sailors, Marines and airmen — they are still all out there protecting us from the aggression that they have protected us from since this country's establishment.

Most of the world would still love to have our freedoms as a people. It does come at a cost, though. We have to hold back the countries of the world that would rather take us over and conquer us for their own purposes.

Tommy Chew

Carl Junction

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