Teachers, not buildings, at heart of education

David Weaver's letter to the editor (Globe, May 22) reminded me of the plea for voters to approve bonds of millions of dollars to build new schools following the tornado that struck Joplin. I recall the pleas that new school buildings would cure the low graduation rate in Joplin.

I have not seen any numbers to support those pleas.

I think buildings get old and lose their structural integrity and need to be replaced.

I also think the same teachers with the same teaching skills and lessons will occupy the new buildings.

I am sure a good teacher can take 25 kids outside under an old elm tree and teach, and the kids will learn.

I hope the voters approve the request for money to build a new school to replace the ones that are no longer safe.

I hope the parents of the kids who attend this new school come to realize that it is not the building but it is the teachers who will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the kids.

David Turner


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