Time to get rid of Mike Parson

Our unremarkable governor — Mike Parson — has just placed one more obstacle to expanding Medicaid.

Parson has taken a back seat to leadership when it comes to the lives of Missouri residents trying to get by. He said that he needs to move the vote to expand Medicaid up to August. The people will see through this last-ditch effort to suppress the vote.

Republicans first used the excuse that President Barack Obama couldn’t be trusted. Now they place their trust in a chronic liar with the brilliant mind of a criminal.

Our state has been denied billions of our own tax dollars for the benefit of our folks. Missouri has become a deep red state. We are similar to the other red states. Check any demographic and compare the standard of living with blue states. Check any category — education; wages; the number uninsured for health, home and auto; home values; smoking; obesity — in other words just about anything related to poverty and the overall quality of life. You will see a drastic difference if you look.

It’s time to fire Parson and hire Nicole Galloway for governor.

Sam Calvin


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