We are better than this; this is not who we are.

President Barack Obama made this statement after children were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Sadly, America has always had some really terrible people.

Now we are hearing the same statements about our political saboteurs.

Quite frankly, I’m very tired of hearing calls for unity from the very same leaders who have been instigating the exact opposite for some time now. One of Missouri’s very own was a fool on a fool’s mission. Some crimes simply can’t be forgiven without paying the price. Where would we be today if the coup attempt had been successful? I believe that Donald Trump would still be president for as long as he wanted and then pass it on to one of his family.

Would this be who we are?

Yes, we need to unite but not at the expense of allowing lawlessness to go without punishment. Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley and many of their enablers need to be held responsible for their crimes against Americans. If they are in favor of unity, they need to stop making unwarranted excuses about the election.

Trump lost fair and square.

Sam Calvin


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