Just when you think the political climate in this country cannot get any worse, we have this totally unqualified and deceitful president monopolizing the news with recordings admitting his belittling and downplaying of the coronavirus and the knowledge he had of it long before it took the lives of 190,000 people at this point.

His lies and deceitful rhetoric to the American people, which has not only cost lives and suffering but also countless jobs, have resulted in homelessness and insecurity for millions of people. Our education system is going through upheaval and disarray due to restrictions and preventive measures due to this virus.

Now enter a whistleblower from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with information indicating manipulation and censoring of Russian threats pertaining to the upcoming election. And let us not forget the new defamation case that has surfaced, which will be at the expense of the American people.

In my opinion, this man should be removed from this office before what promises to be a contentious and most likely illegal election. He has proven to be totally unfit to serve and not worthy of the expense of an election. Do the right thing on Nov. 3 and vote for the return of democracy and the America we know is worth fighting for.

Judy Tesch