Clean Missouri is asking the people to rally against Amendment 3.

The people have already spoken on this matter in a previous amendment vote that occurred in 2018. However, politicians in Jefferson City are seeing fit to try to overturn the will of the people again.

The new version includes unprecedented restrictions on Missouri residents' ability to challenge unfair maps in the courts.

This task currently resides with an independent council. Those who want to control gerrymandering aren't happy they have been removed from the process. The writers of the new amendment are also trying to circumvent the people's will by trying to fool everyone into thinking that the bill limits lobbyist and campaign donations by reducing them.

The new amendment consists of opening doors to more back-room deals and more protection from voters' accountability; it appears the politicians in Jefferson City want to limit the people's ability to create ballot initiatives, taking away our freedom to self determination. If these people were really pro-democracy, they would be trying to strengthen residents' control over government.

Please vote "no" on Amendment 3.

Bob Fisch

New Florence