I refer to the recent Biden administration executive order stating that it is “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation."

The School of the Ozarks, a faith-based college just south of Branson, took issue with the fact that the order and the government’s position on gender is not based on biological sex but is defined as a person’s “expressed gender identity." (This from an administration that regularly speaks of how it is "following" the science.)

The school filed a lawsuit against the federal government, which essentially claimed that it cannot be bound by the executive order, as it violates the basic tenets of its religious doctrine and teaching. (It has been denied a temporary restraining order against this government overreach.)

School President Jerry Davis says, “The Biden administration’s policy forces College of the Ozarks to decide between defending its religious liberty from government overreach or violating our core beliefs."

An example would be that the school could be forced to house women with biological males who simply “claim” to be female.

Should the school decide to ignore the executive order, it will surely face what could be massive fines and even possible closure.

School officials may well decide it is worth the risk to ignore the executive order, and I could not blame them.

Perry Davis


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