These things all have something in common:

Boarding an airplane.

Cashing a check at a bank.

Sending money at Walmart.

Getting money at Walmart.

Getting a driver’s license.

Using a credit card at some retailers.

Checking into a hospital.

Entry at the Social Security office.

Buying paint at Walmart.

Buying ammunition.

Going into a courts building.

Visiting someone at jail.

Picking up your child at school.

Pick up your package at FedEx or the post office.

Obtaining car insurance.

Voting at a union shop.

Checking into a motel/hotel.

Virtually every aspect of daily life requires a photo ID or passport or birth certificate. Yet a writer in last week’s Globe objected to the Missouri Legislature requiring a photo ID to vote in our elections.

They also wanted to allow blanket mail-in voting without any identity verification. I don’t want dead people or people who have moved to Kansas or Oklahoma voting on my local ballot issues.

Sure, some states do all mail-in voting and do it well. But they require identification to get the ballot and they purge the voting rolls every year to make sure living, legal residents are receiving the ballots.

When did people from the Show-Me State come to abandon commonsense requirements when those same requirements are in place everywhere else? Even that well-known conservative Jimmy Carter thought widespread mail-in voting was ripe for fraud.

Darrell Offutt Neosho

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