Columnist Leonard Pitts (Globe, Sept. 25), never the sharpest tack in the drawer, can now be considered a nominee for congenital liar of the year. His column was rife with untruths, half-truths, and just plain old race-baiting demagoguery.

I saw the video with regards to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on horseback working to hold off an invasion of illegal immigrants. Perhaps it would have been easier for Pitts to take if they’d been using ATV’s instead of horses?

He accused them of trying to “flog” those trying to cross over into our country illegally. I saw the video — didn’t happen.

Nancy Pelosi called the pictures “horrific.” I’ve not heard anything from her on the 15,000 or so in squalid conditions camping under the bridge at Del Rio.

Thankfully, Al Sharpton was shouted down by right-thinking individuals when he attempted to spew his race-baiting rhetoric. He really needn’t speak at all, just replay his same speech over and over for the last 40 years.

Not to be outdone, Pitts quotes a story from Al Jazeera television — a real beacon of truth, justice and the American way.

Lest ye be misled, I’m totally in favor of a robust and legal immigration system. In fact, it would be easy to make the argument that there are not nearly enough people in the U.S. to fill all of the jobs currently or that we will need in the future. We need a systematic approach that thoroughly screens applicants to become green card holders, and provide a path to citizenship.

They just need a few simple qualifications:

Do they pose any danger to our country or fellow citizens?

Are they healthy and able to work?

Are they intent on making their own way and contributing to our collective society, or are they here just to take advantage of the social welfare system?

President Donald Trump was proof-positive that the flow of illegal immigration can be stemmed — our current president has no interest.

Perry Davis Carthage

It was interesting to contrast the article on the positive impact the use tax had for Webb City with the letter from Robert H. Scott Jr. (Globe, Sept. 25).

Carl Francis, city administrator for Webb City, was very appreciative of the use tax, and able to demonstrate ways it had helped make improvements in his city.

Scott, who was previously in management for Federated Department Stores (Macy’s), is not. They have competing interests.

When Macy’s left town, my wife canceled her credit card with them, and they called and asked her why. She explained it was because they closed our store. Macy’s reply was that she could still shop online. When she shops online, she is also often disappointed with the quality of the merchandise because she can’t see it, feel it or try it on for size.

I don’t believe that Macy’s left our town because we have a sales tax, but I wonder if not having to collect a city use tax didn’t make leaving a little more attractive.

Maybe if Joplin got the revenue from taxes from online sales our schools could be better, our roads better maintained, and our other infrastructure, including internet, updated to the point that the Rolex company would think Newton’s Jewelry in Joplin should be an authorized dealer for their watches.

Fredric R. Wheeler Joplin As a loyal ultra-conservative Republican who actually does occasionally think, I am dumbfounded by the behavior of some of my party’s operatives.

The illogical reaction to a pandemic by many of my fellow party members totally stuns me! Witnessing the brinkmanship of each governor in the state of Florida, Texas, Alabama, etc., it seems that the residents’ well-being should be paramount over any spurious political stance. Even in Missouri, the motto emblazoned on the Great Seal — “Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto,” or “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law” — apparently has not been adequately explained to our attorney general who frantically sues any local municipality or school district struggling to protect the individuals committed to their charge.

However, I wonder if the right-wing hardliners have actually thought past the end of their noses regarding their militant reactionary stance. Honestly, this self-destructive sabotage of the party is not that hard to understand after the unbelievably tight voter margin during the 2020 election. Of the 692,000 recent COVID-19 deaths in America, many were undoubtedly Republicans who vowed not to social distance, quarantine, mask or vaccinate — the devil be damned, come hell or high water! But, unlike dead Democrats, dead Republicans usually don’t vote, which creates a real problem for the party’s future.

In the upcoming midterm election of 2022 or the presidential election of 2024, I wonder if we might ever need any one of those loyal party members who forfeited their lives on the ridiculous technicality of wearing a mask or getting a shot. When the election night results are once again tallied and found to be razor-thin, we might regret our silly intransigence.

Oh, well, l suppose if we have enough horse dewormer on hand, the GOP can weather any storm — or not. But time will ultimately tell, just as long as the “Grand Old Party” doesn’t finally run out of time, as well as healthy voters.

Edwin Woolsey Willow Springs

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