As we remember the heroic men who were victims of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and all those soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who served in World War II, please do not forget others who served, too.

Remember the women who were excluded from direct combat service but served vital roles in ferrying aircraft, code-breaking and other support efforts. And remember all of those who worked in the industries to produce the food and material needed in the war.

And remember all those who sacrificed here at home to support the war effort.

And on a very personal note, please remember the civilians who were victims of that war. Most American civilians have not lived in a war zone, at least since the Civil War. My mother did live in a war zone. They were Americans living in the Philippines and were caught up in the war. Japan bombed Manila the same day it bombed Pearl Harbor. But the Japanese kept bombing the Philippines and invaded and captured the main island of Luzon by Jan. 1, 1942. My mother and her family were civilian prisoners of war in and around Manila for three years. They were part of a very small group of American civilians who were directly affected by the war.

The statistics of war always talk about the military casualties, rarely about the civilian ones. I learned from my mother just a little bit about the consequences of war on civilians who are there. We must always remember those civilians whose lives are affected by war.

Bret Baker Grove, Okla.

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