Some time in the fourth quarter of the back-and-forth, high-scoring Sunday Night Football game between the L.A. Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers, a well-known NFL insider tweeted out:

This game is drunk. I love it.

Funny. I was watching the same game. and I had another view. So I retweeted out:

This game is sloppy drunk. I hate it.

There is a difference. Sloppy drunks are not fun to be around.

The Chargers coach is calling 25-yard pass plays on third-and-short with a nice lead in the fourth quarter. The Steelers running back runs out of bounds stopping the clock late in the fourth quarter rather than run it out.

Instead cheering them on, like my football guru protege was doing, I was saying “What are you thinking?”

The NFL is having one of those years that happen every generation.

Everybody’s got a shot at The Holy Grail. Yippee!

Five teams in the NFC have a winning record. Seven other teams are fighting, within two games of each other, for those last two playoff spots.

The AFC has nine teams with a winning record, which sounds pretty impressive, yet only three teams are officially out of the picture.

Is that good? Rewarding mediocrity.

I guess it could be … if there were a bevy of “championship” timber teams.

Get this: I don’t see one “championship” team with a week to go in November.

Here’s a quick summary of “contenders”:

The Kansas City Chiefs just don’t look right and haven’t since the opening kickoff in early September.

The Buffalo Bills and L.A. Rams were crowned before they deserved it. Both are struggling are

The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers are tough to figure.

The Arizona Cardinals have a first-round exit look to them.

The Dallas Cowboys are, well, the Dallas Cowboys. If you are a fan and have low expectations, you won’t be hurt too bad.

The Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals have been hit-or-miss too often, though both could be trending the right way.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers look bored, which happens to defending Super Bowl champs.

The San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots are the Wild Card teams. Lately, they’ve looked the best, but neither has that signature win over a good-to-very-good team yet.

If you put a gun to my head, I’d say the team with the road to the Super Bowl in these “average” times would be the Baltimore Ravens.

This is the year that Lamar Jackson can buck the trend and literally run his way to a Super Bowl title. They’re winning games ugly and late, which is meaningful in lousy times like this.

In fact, this year reminds me of the 2000 season when the Ravens, with backup quality quarterback Trent Dilfer, beat the N.Y. Giants, with another backup quality quarterback Kerry Collins (4 interceptions), in a lousy 34-7 game in the Super Bowl.

I guess my problem is with the quality of football. The Chargers-Steelers game, for example, reeked of bad decision-making and bad situational football.

Dumb passing plays with lead. Dumb defensive plays leaving wide receivers wide open when all you need to do is end the game.

Nothing memorable or impressive to hang your hat on.

I feel like that’s been the mantra for 2021.

Everybody has a shot at winning. But that’s because nobody is great.

Could that change?

Could Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady flick a switch? Possibly.

Could the Bills and Rams get through this glitch and became the 14-3 team we thought they both were? Maybe.

I just don’t see it.

I like “great.” I like rooting for it and against it.

In my opinion, sloppy drunk is no way to go through an NFL season.

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