It’s a bitter rivalry between St. Mary’s Colgan and Frontenac.

But during this past weekend’s KSHSAA state softball tournaments, the CNC League rivals were actually pulling one another during their championship roads.

“It’s so great for Southeast Kansas and our CNC League,” Colgan coach Annie Dellasega said. “Whenever you’re not playing against them, I think we decided it’s OK to cheer for them.

“We’re excited for them and for our league. How awesome to say that two teams from the CNC went on to win the state championship.”

Frontenac coach Cassie Rhuems had a similar response.

“You know we were cheering for them,” she said. “They are a good group of kids, and we always want people from our area to reach some success.

We were really excited for them that they had the opportunity to do that. It looked like they caught fire at the right time and made things happen. We’ll be happy for anybody who goes out and does what they did.”

This year marked the third time in the last four years that the CNC has crowned two softball state champions.

Frontenac (4A-Division II) and Riverton (3A) earned titles in 2016, and Girard (4A-Division II) and Riverton (3A) won in 2017.

Riverton (3A) and Colgan (2-1A) also pulled off the feat in 2010.