Since Russia fell to the international banking industry, there are only two real superpowers left. The American government, controlled by the globalizers, and the American people themselves, who are in debt to them.

Whether this is palatable or not, it is the way it is, and thanks to our frightened and or corporate-owned news media, most people don’t even know it. They just feel something is wrong.

The one who said the White House is the only insane asylum in the world that is run by its own inmates was wrong. They are doing exactly what they are told. It all seems stupid to us because we don’t know. It’s called globalization, and don’t ever think for one moment that we the people are going to run any part of that show.

We are now in a battle for our own country, and we have been provided with almost no information, and our own news media is responsible.

You are either free or protected from it; there is no in between. We need to wake up and smell the sewage, and what happened with FEMA is a good example. FEMA/Homeland Security were never set up to guard our borders or help people, they were set up to control people.

Help fight the fight because when it comes to you, and it most assuredly will, there may not be any help left. Freedom takes constant vigilance of one’s own government, by the people and for the people, and at the very least it takes a free and open press. You can’t let Fox News guard the chickens.

Tawnjia Hutchens


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